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Throughout history we have been able to meet great thinkers and philosophers who have influenced and forged it, and they have also given us great famous quotes, among other things. Famous quotes from great thinkers.

  • I often marvel that the story is so heavy, because much of it must be pure invention. -Jane Austin
  • Those who do not want to imitate anything do not produce anything. -Dali
  • The one who knows how to keep quiet is always the strongest. -Loved nerve
  • It is easier to forgive an enemy than a friend. -William Blake
  • Failure fortifies the strong. -Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
  • God save me from enmities of friends. -Lope de Vega
  • What we are today rests on what we thought yesterday, and our present thoughts shape our future life. -Buddha
  • The little capable intelligences are interested in the extraordinary; powerful intelligences, in ordinary things. - Victor Hugo
  • If you put yourself in another man's situation, forgiveness comes easily. -Confucius
  • The most important thing I learned to do after 40 is to say no when it is no. -Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  • What a man thinks of himself is what his destiny indicates. -Henry David Thoreau
  • He who accepts many things easily, will surely have many difficulties. -Lao Tse
  • They say that a man is not a man until he hears his name from a woman's lips. -Antonio Machado
  • Executioners are always recognized. They have a scared face. -Jean Paul-Sartre
  • Don't make your body the grave of your soul. -Pythagoras
  • I like the dreams of the future more than the history of the past. -Thomas Jefferson
  • The philosopher always goes on foot. He prefers the staff of experience to the fast car of fortune. -Pythagoras
  • Cowards die many times before they die. -Gandhi
  • Scientists struggle to make the impossible possible. Politicians, for making the possible impossible. -Bertrand Rusell
  • I wasted my time, now time is wasting me. -William Shakespeare

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