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Jesulín de Ubrique, whose real name is Jesús Janeiro Bazán is a retired Spanish bullfighter. José Ortega Cano acted as godfather and Julio César Rincón as witness.
He was the first in the general chill in 1994 (153 runs and cut 339 ears), 1995 (161 runs and 279 ears) and 1996 (121 runs).
Awards: Favorite Son of Ubrique in 2003, Knight of the Order of the Solear in Sanlúcar de Barrameda in 2012. Gaditano of Honor in 2007. Page of History Award 2008 as a tribute to his entire career by Madrid City Council. Torero Award for his career in the city of Santander ...

Date of birth ofJesulín de Ubrique: January 9, 1974 in Ubrique, Cádiz

Zodiac sign of Jesulín de Ubrique: Capricorn

The horoscope ofJesulín de Ubrique is Capricorn.Jesulín de Ubrique is Capricorn. He is friendly and his happiness is always shared with everyone. It is not a very trait of their sign to be so outgoing, because Capricorns are rather sparing in words and serious. Capricorns are very cerebral, intellectual, but calm, controlled. On the other hand, Jesulín is mentally and physically very active, very enthusiastic and has a lot of imagination. Capricorns are hard-working, knowledgeable, calm, stable and reliable people. You always know where they are going to go, because they are people of customs. The truth is that at work, Jesulín is very Capricorn, since he has perfectly known how to trace a way of working, he has planned his future and his goal. Jesus was a very precocious child, who from childhood was clear that he wanted to be a bullfighter and he went for it. He fought his first calf when he was 7 years old. It was prepared in the Bullfighting School de Cádiz and at the age of 13 he began to fight. Long ago he clearly achieved his goal as a bullfighter. At 25 he was already old. He is very hard-working and disciplined. He locked himself in the field and trained non-stop. He spent the first years perfecting himself and did not stop until he had achieved his goal.

Jesulín de Ubrique is the son of Humberto Janeiro and Carmen Bazán. He has 3 brothers: Victor, Humberto and Carmen. He was born in the town of his parents, Ubrique. There he began with the cape, until he went to the Bullfighting School of Cádiz. In the early years Jesus wreaked havoc. He came to fight 161 bullfights a year and had no time for anything. His father kept the accounts for him and from there arose a serious financial problem. Capricorns are intellectualsgood managers, economists ... With how fast he lived he did not have time to keep his accounts himself, but he could have. He worked tirelessly until he achieved his first goal, which was to succeed in Spain and then in Latin America. Then, through those mental qualities so Capricorn, he began to fight hand in hand with one and the other. On another occasion he filled the Plaza de Aranjuez with only 9,000 women ... They went mad and threw underwear at him, which his subordinates returned to them ... Crazy. They were incredible years! It was a hectic stage in his life: 1994-1995-1996-1997… Because of the number of runs and the number of trophies cut. Some critics and connoisseurs tried to unorthodox, but instead others praised his worth. They said that their art and technique lost quality with that saturation of runs. At the age of 25, in 1999 he decided to retire.

IJesulín de Ubrique is a stable and calm person. His sympathy, his power of communication, his empathy have always helped him to contact people. Whenever he has attended a set, he has won over people and has generated a maximum of expectation. What is undeniable is that he has charisma and is a good person. It conveys the typical joy of someone who is happy and wants to share it.

There was a moment that was spent going to interviews and becoming a media product. The shows he appeared on got the highest ratings. Many girls appeared assuring that they had slept with him. Within all this, Jesús announced that he was going to dedicate himself to the song and they chose him to perform at the Benidorm Festival. His attempt to be a singer was a failure and he left it right away, but his best known song remained: All All All.

In 2001 he had a very serious car accident, which came close to making him invalid. It was very bad, but with a lot of effort and willpower, he recovered and returned to the arena. He spent 2 years slowly recovering. As is logical that forced stop in his life, made him reflect and his scale of values ​​had changed. Finally he decided to return to the arena on 03/08/2010 during the Magdalena Fair in Castellón.

He has been a great seducer all his life and there have been many girls, but he has had 2 great loves: Belén Esteban from 1998-1999 with whom he had his daughter Andrea (1999); and his current wife Mª José Campanario, with whom he married in 2002 and with whom he has two children: Julia (2003) and Jesús Alejandro (2007).

His great hobby is hunting, in fact he received from the CEOE the Popular Person of the World of Hunting Award in 2008. He participated as a contestant in the musical program Look who is dancing in 2011. Currently, he has signed for Antena 3, for the program Splash, Famous Water And it's creating a lot of buzz. To know more about Capricorn see: Capricorn characteristics. Gemini characteristic.

Compatibility ofJesulín de Ubrique with other signs:Jesulín de Ubrique like Capricorn it's compatible with: Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces and with people of Cancer, Libra, Sagittarius, they get along regularly. On the other handJesulín de Ubrique it would be incompatible with couples whose sign is: Aries, Gemini, Leo. For more information see:Compatibility of the signs with Capricorn

Other details of interest aboutJesulín de Ubrique and your horoscope:

  • The Tarot card ofJesulín de Ubrique would beTHE EMPEROR, is power, wealth, social position, authority. (See: Letter from The Emperor)
  • The number ofJesulín de Ubrique is he4, order, values, lack of imagination, creation ... (See:Meaning of number 4, Numerology).
  • The Chinese horoscope ofJesulín de Ubrique is heOX He is a born leader, humanitarian, tenacious, hopefully ... (See:Meaning of the OX of the Chinese horoscope)
  • The color ofJesulín de Ubrique is hethe greens, charcoal gray and brown.
  • The Element of Jesulín de Ubrique: it isLand.
  • The planet ofJesulín de Ubrique it isSaturn.
  • The stone of Jesulín de Ubrique : Sapphire.
  • The Twitter of Jesulín de Ubrique is: @jesulinUbk

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