Be happy, happiness ... don't die slowly

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What is happiness? Perhaps one of the most commented arguments, pillars and topics in literature, folosfía, poetry ... Different doctrines try to narrate his concept of happiness.

In this poem the author brings us HIS happiness and feelings without dying slowly along the way. A reflection poem that will help us learn more about those little things that make us smile every day.

He who does not travel dies slowly,
who does not read,
who does not hear music,
who does not find grace in himself.
Die slowly
who destroys his self-love,
who does not let help.
Die slowly
who becomes a slave to habit
repeating the same every day
who does not change brand,
dare not change the color of your
or do not talk with who does not
Die slowly
who avoids a passion and its whirlpool
of emotions,
you are just returning the brightness
to the eyes and restore the hearts
Die slowly
who does not turn the wheel when unhappy
with his work, or his love,
who does not risk the true or the uncertain to go
behind a dream
who does not allow himself, not even once in his life,
flee from sensible advice ...
Live today!
Take a chance today!
Do it today!
Do not let yourself die slowly!

Text attributed to Martha Madeiros - although it has also been attributed to Pablo Neruda (*)

Every time we have our birthday we slowly die ...
Neruda (or someone who wanted to go through) invites us not to die slowly and be happy ...
It is our suggestion for you to send it to your loved ones

(*) About twenty different "authors" have claimed the authorship of this text.

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