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General advice to win a Libra: give him your support for whatever it is and you will have taken an important step.

Libra are idealists, pacifists, optimists and romantics

So you won't have too much trouble finding something positive and easy where you can show your enthusiastic support (eg a humanitarian cause).

Try to raise the relationship outside of the social routine and with relevant incentives, especially that which is related to pleasure of any kind.

Take advantage of their curiosity. They generally cannot resist it. Let a glimpse of things that may interest them.

As they are romantic and sentimental, it raises romantic things in the relationship and environments in which romanticism emanates. From a sunset to a dinner.

Take advantage of the fact that they are tolerant of the defects of others, they have charm, elegance, and good taste. He likes beauty and harmony. This allows you a wide spectrum of possibilities to raise a conquest.

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How to win a Libra man

The Libra man is usually charming, refined, and analytical.

Perhaps one of their most important defects related to love is that they do not have the ability to make decisions ... And you should not push them to hurt me ...

Libra men seek harmony and avoid arguments and conflicts. Therefore, a first rule if you want to conquer a Libra man is that you do not argue against him. Don't be aggressive or vulgar. The coarseness horrifies him.

Libra man deeply loves beauty. If you want to seduce him try to appear distinguished and pretty. Your appearance will be very important to him. Be special. Take care of your underwear.

Also the Libra man loves social relationships. Ask him to go out for an exquisite and romantic dinner. Dress in elegant and beautiful clothes.

Seduce him with good taste and flatter his good taste too whenever you get a chance.

How to win a Libra woman

The Libra woman is usually social, attractive, elegant and bright. She generally can't bear loneliness, so a good trick to seducing her is to offer her your company in an enthusiastic and determined way.

To seduce a Libra woman it is important to know how to enjoy a good conversation in a harmonious and attractive environment, however, do not force her to make any decisions, rather help her make decisions.

Invite her to a romantic dinner. Take good care of your way of dressing and your external appearance. Inviting her to a party also works. Libra women always need to meet people, although it is usually in a superficial way ... She loves that you give her flowers, perfumes, shoes, clothes, jewelry, accessories ...

Libra women are praised and receptive to personal gifts: perfumes, jewelry, wardrobe accessories ... They are usually refined and very sensitive women. Treat them accordingly.

If you do not have a good position and a good account in the bank, you will have to employ yourself thoroughly. Sometimes, he is the type of man that women of this sign desire.

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