Cheap Easyjet flights for the World Cup

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Less than 10 hours after FIFA announces the 2006 Soccer World Cup in Germany, Easyjet, the cheap flight company, has prepared very useful information for fans of this sport. Especially how to get to the different cities where the World Soccer Championship is held and its 12 soccer stadiums.

Cheap EasyJet flights to Germany for the World Cup

EasyJet has increased its flight capacity to Germany during the summer of 2006 and will have more than half a million seats available for six key cities where the World Cup matches will be held: Berlin, Bremen, Cologne, Dortmund, Hamburg and Munich.

Places are already available on their website:, from a price of 20.99 pounds one way (taxes included). As demand is expected to be very high, the company recommends booking flights as soon as possible.

The company advises football fans to be flexible and consider not traveling on peak dates or to consider other nearby airports such as Basel and Amsterdam and from there rent a vehicle or use public transport to reach their destination. This option (renting a vehicle) would also allow you to move around and access more than one stadium, if necessary.

However, for those looking for the budget and cheaper flight rates at nearby airports, EasyJet reminds that Germany is famous for the efficiency of its public transport system and the high speed of its trains.

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