10 easy and pretty ideas to make garlands

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DIY: how to make garlands
Garlands are a great solution to decorate. If you are thinking of celebrating a party or want to decorate a corner of the house, garlands are a great resource that you can make yourself.

You can make garlands or flags with many different materials, tissue paper, cardboard, tape, washi tape, wool, you can use photos, balloons, print decorative motifs, use natural or artificial flowers….

Here are some ideas to inspire you.

Paper star garland

To make this garland you need a star-shaped paper hole punch (you can also make it with other shapes, circles, hearts ...), a little thread and a hole punch to make the holes to pass it.

Seen in harnacious.blogspot.com.es

Garland made with washi tape and cardboard

To make it you need washi tape (if you don't have it, you can paint and decorate the letters with markers), cardboard for the background, thread and some small wooden clips to hold the letters.

Seen on fancylittlethings.com

Tissue paper garland

Tissue paper is a great material to make garlands, you can make pompoms in different ways with them and they all look good.

Seen on thetomkatstudio.com

Seen on asubtlerevelry.com

Felt garland

Felt is another great material that you can make garlands from.

Seen on studiodiy.com

Balloon garland

Hang some balloons from the ceiling and have fun guaranteed

Seen in saarmanche.blogspot.com.es

Garlands with wool pompoms

With wool pompoms you can make a fun and colorful decorative garland

Seen at www.taradennis.com

Garland made of straws

Gather the straws in the shape of triangles and make a super original garland.

Seen on smileandwave.typepad.com

Zigzag paper garland

With colored paper and scissors you can make an original zigzag-shaped garland

Seen on ohhappyday.com

Wreath with printables

On the internet you can find a lot of free printables with various motifs and illustrations to make garlands. You can also make your own designs and print them.

Seen on ohhappyday.com

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