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Larry Page, the new CEO of Google, must repair the image of the company

Addressing the growing public perception problems Google is encountering should be high on the to-do list, according to industry analysts, now that company co-founder Larry Page will become the new CEO.

A series of antitrust investigations, privacy errors and notice from regulatory bodies have tarnished the brand's image and could undermine its ability to compete over time. Still, some wonder if Page's talents or temperament are right for the task of reversing that trend.

Since he has been the great mastermind behind the key innovations of the world's most successful search engine, no one doubts his good work as an engineer and visionary.

But Page has a deep aversion to dealing with the media and lacks the grace and refinement that Fortune 500 CEOs often have. According to his critics, Page can be clumsy, aloof, and dismissive of those who don't. they see the world the unique way he sees it.

Therein lies the challenge for Google at this critical moment in the company's history. Increasingly, regulators, competitors, judges, and consumer advocates are showing that they don't see the world through Google tinted glasses.

These are no small challenges for a major consumer brand. Each new investigation threatens to further undermine Google's image as a company that aims first and foremost to bring the benefits of technology to the world, a critical asset for a company that depends on the trust of its customers.

Google's image is falling, noted Rob Frankel, author of "The Revenge of Brand X". "If you combine that fall with a man like Larry Page, who may not be the most skilled or motivated person in terms of dealings, there could be problems."

Source: San Francisco Chronicle

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