Buying land in Spain

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Section for people wanting to buy, sell or rent property in Spain.

There are not many but some non-residents currently considering a property purchase in Spain look for land to build their own dream villa. In accordance to that, some Spanish real estate agents include plots of land in their property for sale.

Buying land in Spainto then build your Spanish home is often much cheaper than buying a Spanish villawith a large garden (although not necessarily as cheap as many newcomers to theSpanish property market hope).

Butbuying land to build is just as complicated as buying a house in Spain. Spanishland laws are complex, and it is very very important to choose the right plot of land in order to avoid future problems such as finding out that the land you have bought has no planning permission and so you can't build your house thereafter all. Or risking a possible repossesion order such as that faced by unfortunate propertyowners in the Costa Blanca.

Once you have bought your land, you will need to find an architect to design the house and have the plans approved and get planning permission. Then you will have tofind a reputable building company and oversee the actual construction.

Thissection is designed to help people who want to buy land in Spain. Click on any of the sections below:

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